Pearl Jewelry Reqires Specific Care for Cleaning

There are many types of fashion jewelry. They are classified according to many criteria. If you are much fancy with the materials made for fashion jewelry or fine jewelry, you must know gold, silver, cubic zirconia, stone and copper etc, these are popular materials and metal used to make various fashion costume jewelry. One of those, pearl jewelry, is also increasingly getting popularity among either young ladies or middle-aged or old women.

pearl jewelry necklace

Pearl jewelry is mostly made with pearl beads to lace together to make necklace or chain bracelets. These gorgeous pieces are quite easy to gain attraction due to its white shining and elegant style. People love these pearl beads, as they always show wearers’ luxurious appearance no matter where they attend.

Actually, pearls jewelry is not so much expensive as costumers expected. Even some of natural pearl beads are still very affordable on the market. However, due to the rare source of natural pearl beads, some of the replacement comes up on the market. These faux pearls jewelry is actually made with acrylic to imitate the pearl white. Although faux pearls jewelry is not that so durable as the natural ones in quality, they still gain loved by most of the common jewelry fans. They faux pearl jewelry is more affordable and can play the same role as those natural ones in some instant occasions.

No matter what pearls jewelry you choose, one problem you have to face is how to clean and maintain its shininess for as long as possible.

Pearl jewelry is actually very delicate and must be careful while doing the cleaning. Some powered machines, like ultrasonic cleaner or steam jet cleaner, are absolutely not suitable for these pearl jewelry clean. The strong sound wave will definitely damage the surface of pearl balls.

One of suggested method to clean pearl is to use soft lint-free cloth or a silicon cloth to wipe its surface gently for each time you wear it. Yeah, no harsh or abrasive materials made cloth is recommended as they might damage the delicate surface of the pearl.

If a dry cloth is not enough to clean up a pearl, just try to moisten the cloth with either plain water or some mild soaps solution to achieve the better result.

Once the pearl jewelry is completely cleaned up, please try to dry them in a natural way, instead of using any dryer or air conditioner. These dryers must be too strong and hot wind blow might damage the pearl surface.

To learn how to clean pearl jewelry surely benefit wearers a lot. Pearl jewelry is not like those metal made jewelry as they are more fragile and delicate, so must be taking specific care and maintenance to extend their good quality and condition. If you would like to learn more jewelry cleaning tips and reviews for some top rated cleaning products online, just drop your visit to for an ultimate guide.


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