How Costume Jewelry Refect Culture Background

Costume jewelry is widely referred to the cheap alternative of fine jewelry, or “fake jewelry”. They are made with much low priced materials to create the sense of simulation to those gold, silver and diamond gems. Costume jewelry is designed and developed following the economic boom so that most of the common can afford to buy them. Actually, costume jewelry present as a fashion accessory to various costume style. In another word, these jewelry pieces are many cultures oriented which largely reflect wearers background of personality, culture as well as fashion taste.

trendy fashion jewelry

As a jewelry accessory to outfit, costume jewelry has been on the market for a long history. People tend to pay high attention to their regular makeup a long time ago, as those small jewelry pieces can easily gain fascinating elements to their outfit. However, jewelry used to be luxurious ornaments and can only be afforded by royal and rich people. Costume jewelry is originated from those expensive fine jewelry. Following the development of the economy, much more cheap materials are becoming available to replace and simulate the expensive and rare ones.

Nowaday, cubic zirconia stone can stimulate diamond charm. The acrylic ball is mostly crafted to replace natural pearl. The high-quality brass, but finely electronic plated with gold and platinum, can deliver the same luxury sense as those pure gold and silver. The technique of jewelry design and handcraft is also highly developed so jewelry designers can craft a piece of trendy fashion jewelry with the help of some powerful tools within a very short time. Producing a large amount of costume and fashion jewelry does not have to cost much long time, which also well reduce the overall cost of jewelry.

Costume jewelry is actually marked as a tag of personal culture, personality and fashion style taste. Western girls tend to love metal bold jewelry, incorporating with some retro-inspired design style. Moreover, many outgoing girls love a full set of costume jewelry, from headpieces, earrings, necklace, to somebody jewelry, to display their unique fashion taste.

Oriental girls mostly try to hide their personality, which also reflects on their fashion makeup. Many Chinese girls love small, slim designed fashion jewelry. Additionally, those jade and pearl jewelry are also popular among Chinese women. In its culture, jade and pearl balls are actually regarded as a symbol of happiness and healthy.


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